Financial Assistance Scheme For Income Generation Projects

1.For Individuals:
Pattern of Assistance :  
The Pattern of Assistance available for Individual is as fol lows:

Project : For any income generation project of economic activity costing from Rs.6000/- to Rs7.50 lakhs for non agricultural activities and Rs.60000/- to Rs.7.50 lakhs for Agricultural activities.


Subsidy: 30% of Project Cost subject toMaximum of Rs.25,000/-

Project: For any Agricultural and Allied activities with Project  Cost upto Rs.60,000/-

Subsidy: 50% of the Project Cost subject to maximum of Rs,25,000/-


Term Loan From Bank: Balance Amount.  

(Note : Subsidy is Back ended).

Eligibility Conditions :  


Only SC/ST Individuals living below poverty line are eligible to apply i.e. those whose family income is less than Rs 18,460 / - per annum  in rural areas and Rs 28,536 / - per annum in urban areas.


Individual SC members of mixed Self Help Groups, consisting of  SC and Non-SC members, may also apply.The repayment liability will be that of the SC individual member of the  group and not of the group.Norms applicable for individuals only will apply for such SC members of the Self Help Groups.



Selection will be done by Block level Selection Committee consisting of District Manager ,TAHDCO ,Lead Bank District Manager, Branch Manager of leading Banks, General Manager DIC , and Extension Officer(Adi Dravidar Welfare).
Application forms can be obtained from District Manager Offices of the respective District Head Quarters, or from thr B.D.O offices.Extension Officer  (Adi Dravidar Welfare) can be contacted for this. Alternately the format of the application presented here can be downloaded and used as application form

Note:- A minimum of 75% of assistance for income generating projects are available only for SC/ST Self Help Groups in every district and only the balance is available for individuals as per Government of TamilNadu’s Order.

For Self Help Groups
Pattern of Assistance :  
Project: For any income generation project of economic activity costing from Rs 6000 /- upto 7.5 Lacs.                     
Subsidy From TAHDCO: 50% of the project cost subject to a maximum of  Rs 2.5 Lacs  per Self Help Group. 
Term Loan From Bank: Balance Amount
(Note : Subsidy is Back ended).
Eligibility Conditions :

Only SC/ST Self Help Groups exclusively having SC/ST members alone are eligible. 

The Self Help Group must be  recognized under  ‘Mahalir Thittam’ of Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation of their respective district.

The Self Help Group must be graded and credit rated so as to be eligible for economic assistance after having received revolving fund and  or Direct Linkage Credit from banks. The credit rating must have been done by the same team in the district which does credit rating under SGSY scheme, ‘Mahalir Thittam’ Scheme.



Applications available with DM, TAHDCO or those being used for SGSY  Schemes can be used for submitting applications. Applications to be submitted to P.O, Mahalir Thittam who will scrutinise and recommend to DM,TAHDCO. After scrutiny and recommendation by the DM ,TAHDCO, the applications will be sent to Bank for processing. Upon receipt of approval  and claims by the Bank , the collector of the district will finally sanction the application.Thereafter TAHDCO releases subsidy to the Bank and the Bank will release the entire sanctioned project cost to the Self Help Group.

Procedure:- The Beneficiary should be SC/ST

Details of Training Schemes are being conducted in every district can be seen in the District Action Plan of the concerned District under the title 'District Wise List'.


The Entire training cost is funded by TAHDCO. Stipend at the rate of  Rs 400/- per month is given to the trainees.  


Interested SC/ST persons in the age group of 18 to 35  can apply to DM, TAHDCO of the respective district.